Joan Hunter
Contemporary Artist

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Artist Biog

About Joan Hunter
I am from a village near Hitchin and from a young age I have spent my time in the nearby countryside, walking and sketching animals and scenes from nature, my love for horses took me into a career of horse racing and training. Due to injuries and major operations I am now retired. This gives me the opportunity to begin to paint and draw again. My inspiration comes from woodland landscapes, the way the light filters though the branches, the dark areas of damp leaves and the sadness of fallen trees. I tend to draw with colour which is my visual language and enclosing colour with line which has a hypnotic effect, I think, an expression of the unconscious. I try to show that the impersonal and sometimes disregarded things, like a fallen branch or uprooted tree have a personal meaning which will affect people in many different ways. The use of the joined up line is enclosing my thoughts and emotions as if catching that moment of thought in time. I use a wide range of media including acrylic, water colour and ink gel pens.

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